Time frame of living with dementia


Some of the online sites states that people with alz/dem. have about an 8 year time frame before passing. My mom is 63 has slurred speech and can't walk, she can carry a conversation but can't remember what happened yesterday. Does that sound about right?

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How long someone will live once diagnosed depends on the health of the person, and their advance health care directives. Some can linger for decades.

My dad had Alz plus Parkinson's, heart disease, prostate cancer, glaucoma. He lived 8 yrs from diagnosis. A friend of mine whose mom had Alz but no other life threatening diseases lived 12 yrs. All I know is those 8 yrs for me and those 12 yrs for her were the saddest yrs of our lives.

My mom is also 63 and has Alz. From what I have read, every person is different and the time frames are different too. Having said that, I read one article that said an average was that it shortened their remaining life by 50%. Based on that and some other info (like my mom is in good physical health), I was estimating 12 years.

Ultimately, I think any "estimates" are our attempt to control a situation where we have no control. No one really knows.