Well, mom has been in and out of the ER this past week twice, time for a caregiver. Start my nighttime pt job this evening. Found a close, trustworthy friend to help me with mom. We are going to start out 20 hrs a week, $10.00. Just so I am not interrupted in my sleep & can get my shower & take time for me a little. I know this isnt much time for me , but its a start. Seeking 40 hrs a week, pay goes up to $12.00 hr then. I plan to start this the end of Feb 2017 to beginning of March. Mom will poop her pants when she sees the withdrawl from her checking account.

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Kittysue, good choice on getting a caregiver.   Is Mom on-board with this?

Oh, make sure you draw up an employment contract for the Caregiver unless she is from a licensed Agency.   It will be very important to have to show what are her duties, what are her hours, what is her hourly rate, and who will be paying the payroll taxes.   If the caregiver is an "independent contractor" then it is up to her to pay her own taxes.

The employment contract will become very important later down the road in case your Mom will need to apply for Medicaid.   Medicaid will do a 5 year financial look back on Mom, and they will ask where was this money going.   So keep records.

And another thing, yes there is more, since the Caregiver will be coming to your house, you will need to get a "workman's comp" rider on your homeowner's insurance, just in case the Caregiver hurts herself.

Hope this all works out for you and your Mom :)

Good plan. Even at 40 hours, still cheaper than a nursing home and she will learn to enjoy the company.

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