The prodigal caregiving daughter has returned and there is a lot of ventilating to be done. However, I do accept the fact that I can be blunt, insensitive at times or just plain wrong. I would really appreciate feedback if anyone is offended or just plain knows I am wrong with any info/advice I give out. Use this thread to let me know if I have been out of line in any way or if anything I wrote made you laugh or nod in agreement,like a "been there done that" moment.

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Thanks for the feedback. With mom now on hospice my emotions are ALL over the place. My last biological relative on this earth. I feel like the last dinosaur.I get sarcastic which is sometimes not always translated well.

Timbuktu.. welcome back! Sometimes I think peoples moods affect how they read/feel something,, that another time would not really bother them. We are all human, and most of us not in the best of places when we are on here... sometimes you just have to say "opps" and let it roll off your back. Many of us have had our feelings hurt, or felt left out on occasion.. but we are all mostly friends and get over it! You are doing fine...!

Timbuktu, no problem here :)

I know on this forum it isn't easy to know if it is best to sugar coat a suggestion or be be down right tough-love blunt. We give our advice the best we can. And it is great to have so many different personalities on these threads.

Glad to see you back on-line, and I just read where your Mom is now in Hospice.

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