Aging Care website has so much information! I clicked on a link and almost as soon as I clicked on the "submit" button, I got a call from someone wiling to help me out in my area and according to our income, etc.!!! I told her I had done some investigating, reading, etc. on Aging Care site. I was not for sure she had seen my request, but she told me what I said in it! Quick!!!!!

All they asked for was my e-mail address. The link is at the top right, Money and Legal. They also referred me to Area Agency on Aging in my area. I didn't give out vital info and they didn't ask for any. I am sorry something of that sort happened to you and your dad. I have had to change my email because it got hacked, many many years ago. But all my accounts and numbers were fine. Thanks for all the advice!

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Hi Fancicoffee. May I know which link you clicked on? Is it the area on our right in the blue box "Find Housing and Care or Let Us Find It For You?" or is one of the links of their advertisers? I agree with Boni. Just be careful giving important information over the phone.

I fell for an email "supposedly from Amazon" telling me that there was a problem with my order and can I please click on the link to re-do the information. I have within 3 days to do this or my order would not be processed. I clicked on the link, it had the Amazon Logo, etc.. I kept trying to input my mailing address and credit card info but kept getting rejected. So, I called my credit card company. I got sternly lectured (and made to feel like a fool for falling for it). They put an immediate stop to my credit card and issued a new one. Years later, I read that the scammers do this link where you repeatedly try to put in your info over and over - to give them time to record your keystrokes! So, somewhere out there, they have my full name and mailing address - which they can sell to someone who can pretend to be me, apply for loans under my name and address, etc... Father fell for the phone call scammers. He gave his name and bank account. He didn't tell me. I found out when his bank statement came in, and I was suspicious of the withdrawal. Had to take him to the bank. It seems they were planning to withdraw more money but the bank put an immediate stop on it. Just be careful.....

Your post is so positive and agree 100% that AC is the best thing to happen to so many of us. Do be careful of scammers though. Was the Call from AC or a stranger?

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