to care for in the future. I just don't think I could bear not being able to visit if I had my Mom in a nursing home. It breaks my heart for those of you that are in this situation, especially the hospice care.

And this is only my opinion and not a question clearly.

Take care everyone.

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WEll, it is very strange.. I popped my head in and said hello to everyone. The caretakers asked why I wasn't coming in... THE SIGN SAYS NO VISITORS.

It really depends on the brain function of the family member in the facility... Honestly... It is hard to say that, but yes, it is reasonable to say that....

She sleeps most of the day.. If she hears my voice, and she does, that is better than nothing.... So everyone's situation is different and more personable to that family... Don't choke,,, don't get too offended... do what you think you need to do, but don't put other family members in that facility at risk...OR THE CARETAKERS. It really is not worth it...
Some people say... remove all clothing that you wore that day, put it in wash immediately..

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