Lasst May we had a terrible, mind-blowing incident and I wondered if I would have to put him in a home. I talked to his MD, who immediately switched his meds around and had them refilled in a bubble pack. Marvelous switch around! Then, through routine testing, we found he had severe aortic valve problems, not allowing blood to flow fully. In fact, letting some blood go back into the heart. A heart cath found several arteries seriously blocked, one to 100 %, the other 70. The first one had made its own bypass. So now the MDs tell me he will have better blood flow to the brain. He will have a valve replacement within the next two weeks. I now believe that we take for granted a diagnosis of dementia when meds and blood flow may be to blame. I'll let you all know what happens after that.

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It feels weird to say this but, that’s good news! I do hope his surgery is a success and that you find that his mental capacity is much, much improved.

That's quite something!!
How wonderful that, what was thought as dementia, can be reversed by heart valve replacement.

I hope everything goes well and you get your husband back.

Finally, a happy ending on this otherwise bleak board. Please let us know how everything turns out.

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