It isn’t simply aging parents.
DMV, Mortgage Help, Health Insurance, Social Security, Homeowners, Escrow, ......We all have issues that affect us with nowhere to turn.

Our government designates obscene amount of money to agencies they create.
But how many do they help?
I have run the gamut of red tape.

Mortgage, Insurance, DMV, .... you name it.

I take the time to look up how much each agency is allotted and compare that to the help they provided.

Zero, point zero, zero.

I don’t like complaining. I like researching who can help.
Sadly, just more red tape.

I won’t give up, not in my nature.

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I find it interesting to learn how people decide for whom to vote. Myself, I start with what the purpose of government is in the first place:

The purpose of our Federal Government, as found in the Preamble of the Constitution, is to:

"establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our posterity."

(and from "Our American Government"...)

"At the most basic level, the right to vote gives the citizen a chance to help select those who will ultimately be responsible for determining public policy...The participation of citizens in the electoral process contributes greatly to the sense of legitimacy of the Government."

My opinion of humanity (as put forth by the Bible) is that all people are flawed. All. Me. You. Presidents and candidates for President. That being the case, it makes no sense that anyone vote for someone because they "seem nice" or "appear" to have no flaws (depending on whose side is opining). Therefore I vote for the platform that most closely represents and supports my values (personal, social, economic, etc.). The person who is president will only last 2 terms but the platform and the legislation that comes out of it has an impact that goes on much longer.

I urge everyone to vote. Think of the people in countries run by monarchies and dictators...what they'd give to be able to vote! Even if you only mark your choice for one office or seat, your vote still counts and is important in the total process.

Factoid: the only person to serve 3 terms was FDR and he won a fourth term but died just months into it. After his death Amendment XXII was created to limit the terms to 2 consecutive. George Washington could have run for a 3rd term but chose not to, signaling that 2 terms should suffice for anyone.

Another election I choose not to vote for president. 350 million people in this country and we wind up with these two Yahoos. They aren't Kennedy's democrats and they aren't Reagon's republicans. I don't know who the h*ll they are. I can't even vote against one of them 'cause it's a vote for the other guy! As US congressman Jim Trafficant used to say, "Beam me up, Scotty!". (Trafficant was convicted on bribery and spent some jail time but I still love his quote).

OK, that's it. Let's get back to more serious issues. Soldier on!

Midkid and Arimithea, We are almost over with the election. Yeah, there may be some squirrely behavior no matter WHO wins. We are very divided and about evenly so; it makes for a lot of blather.There will be a little forment and drama and then we will move on. As Andy Warhohl said, not much out here with more than 15 minutes of fame.
But whomever wins we will go on, we will get through the next four years as we got through the last four, as we got through the four before and the four before that. Important thing is that no matter who we vote for, most of us would help one another in a second in a time of need (without even ASKING who you voted for).
Mask up (even as a flaming liberal I know we must take SOME responsibility for ourselves), wash your hands, keep a bit of distance. We will be OK. And some of us won't. Just today we have lots of loved posters facing down things, strokes and hearts and cancers. We will face what comes.
No A. you are not getting dementia. You are just as charmingly whacky as you always were!

Hey AD, you know who you are, I know you are teasing.
I can’t remember how to private message!!!!!
am I getting dementia.........:)

Alva. once again today I find myself 'liking' your post.

Trump isn't responsible for COVID and he, of course, admits so. To blame him is beyond ridiculous. (But vote for whomever you want--I too, have not yet voted!)

Corona is, sadly, here to stay. We will be getting vaccines along with our annual flu shots from now on. And about 40% of the population WILL NOT GET IT. My SIL is a doc and he says a good 40% of his patients are un-vaccinated and he can't talk them into it, so a COVID vaccine will not really do much 'good' for a few years.

We're so darn 'entitled' we cannot gracefully handle the upside-down-ness of our society.

I didn't vote for the Pres last election, but I cannot vote for a man who cannot string together a coherent sentence, seems to be MIA. Truly a terrible conundrum!

My stress levels are through the roof, as are many others'. Fighting (and you better believe, no matter how this election swings next week, there will be massive rioting)---our forefathers would be so proud.

Also--I have found that insurance companies are right up there with difficult-to-deal-with companies. Not better nor worse than govt's agencies, but just plain awful, almost always.

And just at the point in life where my 'fightin' skills' are beginning to wane, I have to now wade in the waters of Medicare, selling our home, finding a new one and all that decision making process--ugh.

Arimethea, you will know I am teasing you here, but your God made little viruses, as well. Have you ever looked at them on closeup scanned microscopes and so on. So beautiful. So unique. So lovely. And remember, our world is dog eat dog, just a chain of munch munch munch. A virus has got to live as well.
Now to be serious. I think Covid-19 will be here a long time hon. With the wet markets about and what we are seeing in the world Jane Goodall says this isn't likely the last of them (novel viruses) nor the worst. We have no natural enemies. Only ourselves. One of the gentlest, most profoundly religious men I knew and admired the writings of (Roger Rosenblatt) once wrote a piece called "The World is a Teeming Slaughterhouse". I am afraid he is right, and we but one more animal, vying for survival, territory and breeding rights. We will need a vaccine (which will at best be 60% effective) and then we need people willing to take the risk to GET the vaccine. Until then it is either the virus weakens or we do.
Again, good to see you back. Yes. The DMV. I have my own stories, esp. the one about losing title to my brother's totaled old Toyota Truck.

I had such a horrible experience at DMV last week, I had to write to DMV corporate.

Just one of my many “Stand up” moments in 63 years.

Where have I been?.....:)

Taking in the daily crazy moments, stories from my 88 year old’s been wild.
I document daily, in case I get called into court by my ABSENT SIBLINGS.

Here is a truth I am not afraid to say.

In 2016 I gave him a chance.
In 2020, you can’t sh*t on my plate.

I don’t vote for dementia.

I am not voting, for the first time in my life.

How long is the COVID PLAGUE going to stay with us?

I refuse to believe, GOD ALMIGHTY wants us to stay in this.

He has created too much hope and progress.

You can’t break me.
That needs to be our motto.

Do you know what I discovered during my time as a caregiver, especially once my mom was in a nursing home? While some people care passionately (usually when it is about someone they care for personally) the vast majority don't even seem to notice. They read news headlines about some atrocity or watch an exposé and mutter about how shocking it all is but then they forget. And the people in the trenches - their loved ones eventually, inevitably, die and they turn their focus on moving on with their lives, and the more traumatized they are the more anxious they are to put all of that behind them.

Not to go on a rant here but...

A few weeks ago, I started a thread on how to change things, I actually had an ear from people not within my political persuasian and I wanted ideas and I pretty much got, me,me,me, my tax dollars. It was disappointing to say the least.

Now, I have my ballot, my voice sitting on a table for weeks. I have Trump who is just an @ss in my opinion and Biden who scares the sh*t out of me as a Bernie voter with the stupid elderly "choices" plan. How much more does he an to place on "family" to give seniors choices? Its all about the Benjamins. Politicians are so out of touch, it drives me crazy. My voice will sit until I decide I can take one for the team or decide to dissent and do a write in.

As an individual, none of us matter but collectively, if we join with a reasonable list of demands, maybe we can work together for change and get rid of the red tape.

Arimethea! Where have you BEEN? I am glad to see you back.
The red tape is incredible, and Covid-19 hasn't helped. My own story with getting an EIN is an ongoing saga that would make a chapter book at this point (for my bro's Trust).
On average, how long do you wait on the phone when you try to get anyone? Mine goes from 5" to an hour, so guess I am about at 1/2 hour. Yes, no white flags for us. We must just keep soldiering on. This would be a great discussion thread. Your favorite RED TAPE story.

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