This is killing my health, I think it would've been best.

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I am alone with 3 kids and ailing parent most of the time. My stomach is in cramps a lot lately. I already suffer from anxiety. But panic attacks getting worse. Broken down home. I think i shouldve thought of myself. But i guess i rarely do. Until im down like now, and cant seem to function through chores and all the things my kids need. I cant physically or emotionally give it. I think i shouldve figured out a different plan. Maybe if someone else is reading this they will rethink it. It seems noble at the time. To take care of parent at home. To save family home. But this sick feeling i have, along with hate for relatives and dealing w my own screwed up childhood and his life. Its too much.


my3kidsok- you are a parent and your first priority is yourself and your children. Who will care for everyone if you are ill? Time to find alternate arrangements for your parent - assisted living or nursing home. It is only going to get worse as your parent ages. Good luck to you!
my3kids, if only I had found the Aging Care website 6 years ago, I believe things would have been so much different.... maybe my parents would have been in a retirement village instead of still living at home in their mid-90's by themselves. Maybe with boundaries set regarding me driving there wouldn't be all these mind games trying to guilt me into driving more.

Once a parent is spoiled, it is so hard to make changes. In the mean-time my health is going down the tubes :(
Kimber166, i think hes fixing to be put on hospice. I have a feeling. freqflyer, i'm sorry your not feeling well too. It's only been a year and a half since we started this. But i have always helped in some way or another. Drive my mom too. But ive slowed down on that now. I know i definately can't go through this with mom. There's no way! Will aee what the future holds with dads colonoscopy in the next few weeks and hopefully i can get some help. Thank you both

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