I was led to this article from the commentariat in the NYT , the new old age column. Again interested in your thoughts on it. There seems to be a gigantic issue in licensure in AL. Facilities.

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JoAnn29 - The pull string isn't going to do anything if the calls are ignored or if the resident doesn't have the ability to remember how to use it.

And it isn't reasonable to have expected staff to respond to constant calls for help or to somehow magically tell the difference between crying wolf and the real thing.

It happens everywhere. We do not hear more about it because unless there is more funding to allow constant monitoring, It will happen with home care too.

Anyone who thinks a facility will take better care of their loved one than they would is a fool. Not to say that many times there is no choice. But it should always be a last resort IMHO.

This was in Minn. My daughter has worked in Del in rehab/LTC and AL facilities. The state of Del monitors these facilities private and not private. My daughter just went thru a 3 day inspection.

In my Moms AL there was a pull string next to the toilet and another one next to the bed in reach.

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