My Mom knew her granddaughter who is in the Peace Corps was due to arrive in the USA 6/15/19 for the summer.

She is the daughter of my assaulting brother.

She got a Fulbright Scholarship this past year.

Mom was wondering if she got home safely.

I checked Moms Facebook for her.

She was no longer there in my Mom's friends list....?????

I had a friend check, did my nieces name still appear on Facebook.....perhaps she deleted her account.

She is still there....laying out her summer plans while stateside.

I knew how despicable my assaulting brother was.

I had no idea, it would extend to this.

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Arimethea33, let's look at the time frame. Your niece was arriving back to the States from another county on June 15. On June 16 you wrote here that your Mom hadn't heard from her grand-daughter.

If you have never traveled from one country to another, there is what is called jet-lag. Your body is trying to adjust to a different time zone, and for some it could take a week to get back to normal. I assume your niece had been away since late summer, correct? Again, a lot of adjusting returning home. Give her time to unpack and catch her breath.

And sometimes there is depression if one had left a country that they really loved visiting. Not saying your niece doesn't love her home town, but there are wonderful places worldwide. I know I felt that way after spending time in a country that had fields of beautiful flowers, and wonderful old architecture.

On another subject, I am confused, what does your brother [father of your niece] have to do with this situation? And what are you referring to when you say Assaulting? Just curious as this matter isn't very clear.

Facebook is a company which happens to make money from people's information and relationships. That's it. Please don't let it get in your head and cause division in your family!

Hi friends,
It’s not a facebook thing.
It’s a 27-year old granddaughter, forsaking her own grandmother.
I am not on Facebook. I have friends that are.
They have told me, granddaughter is still there.
I have to separate my Mother wondering why her granddaughter hasn’t called her, from what I have control over.
Mother lives with me. I am it.
I hear these things, but, nothing I can do.
Just venting about some burnout.....things we deal with when the parent lives with me.

Think abut this.... how many young adults want their parents or grandparents to read what they have on Facebook?

Plus, I have been reading in the newspaper how younger people are getting away from Facebook. They have found they were wasting too much time sitting in front of a screen and missing life around them.

For myself, I never had Facebook nor Twitter, or any of the other apps out there. Heck, I have cousins my age [in my 70's] who don't even own a computer or cellphone. It's wonderful to actually chat landline to landline :)

You are 100% correct.....:)


This is between MOM and your niece.

Stay out of it, would be my advice.

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