I wanted to start a discussion about Happy Thoughts, Happy results,
Happy moments....
I thought of this because my Mom got a new room-mate at the NH. She has had many different room-mates. This never bothered me or my Mom, well Mom really never spends too much time in her room anyway. Mom has only Dementia no other health problems (eye on sugar and blood pressure but never a big issue). If any one bothers her she either walks away or say's a few choice words and then goes away from them. Last week I go into her room and there is a new lady in her room she seemed to be OK mentally just physically sick. I had a pleasant chat with her. What I was concerned with was the fact that they switched Mom's bed to the door side she was by the window. Which would not be a big deal if Mom remembers this. So I got a bit upset because if everything stays the same Mom is not so lost. The nurse that understands this was not there when this first happened or when I noticed. So all week long I tried to call that nurse (the only one who does things right and efficiently) . So I talked to the others and they kept saying well your Mom's OK with it but she lays on bed on the old side where she's used to sleeping. (I thought to my self well DUH!!!)
The roomie has a lot of stuff too and my Mom is the biggest clepto in the place, so I warned the woman of this to hide her things etc.
I figured eventually this woman will figure out my Mom's deal and it will all work out and they'll put Mom back to her side, the one she was used to.
I later found out that this woman has a mental issue not dementia but long time issues not age related. So any way... I'm LOL... this woman is now complaining about my MOM she's driving her nuts. She wants out of the room. Some how some way My Mom ends up getting what she wants, she won't fight or fuss but she just knows the buttons to push.
I knew I would complain and waist good energy about this and nothing would change by me doing it. If I just sit back and watch from the side lines, Mom will make her life miserable anyway and they will have no choice. That's just what's happening. This was a harmless problem thought, if it had been serious I would have been more aggressive... they have not seen the side of me that Mom, deep down, counts on. This is also the reason why Mom doesn't like me all the time, I'm the one that will take charge for TOUGH LOVE!!!! She doesn't like when I am her Boss but she knows I won't take anyone's crap if need be.

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You're mother coming to the help of the aid was great. Her and I could have become masked super heroes of caregivers. I would have been Al for Alzheimer's and they woud call her Dem for dementia. I learned a long time ago, wits and humor is the best medicine.

When I was 5 years old, my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down ‘happy.’ They told me I didn’t understand the assignment, and I told them they didn’t understand life.
~ John Lennon

caregiver26155 My Mom would love you!!! LOL She saw a male resident touch an aid on her bootie one day, as she was getting his meal ready.
Mom said "don't do that to her, she takes good care of you, your a fresh man!"
He said "shut up mind your own business" my Mom said "don't make me, make you stop!" The aid said "Thanks" to my Mom and Mom said to her " that's what I'm here for!" P.S. Mom thinks she works at the NH I guess she's the bouncer!!!!

When I was helping my rommate take care of her aunt who had Alheimer's, the aunt would sometimes refuse to to take her meds. The first time it happened in front of me, I kindingly said, "Don't make me come over there to make you take them." She said "I'll hit you with my cane." I told her I wasn't afraid of her. She smiled and said "I like you. You aren't afraid to stand up to me and you know how to joke." After that, we never had a problem with the meds. It blew her neices mind.

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