My father inlaw is a very evil man he is moody everyday of his life if we go out and come back in the middle of the night the next day. if I cook food he makes comments on how neat I need to be I decided that i wont give him food then he had a problem with take also. he want to tell us how to spend our money and when to fix our home. My child cant even bring friends home then he complains about it. We can only have selective people over which is off their liking we stay in our own place at the back, when he comes into my house I can see that he is inspecting it to see if its dirty and make rude comments. his wife and children have changed themselves to accommodate his behavior the sister and the brother always look angry they don't even notice it anymore because when he is around he is stressing them out. I am sick of this I think im just gonna move out once and limit my interaction with him. My fiancé now feels that he is in the middle of this and say he don't want to get involved so I feel I'm not getting any support from him . His father just waits until he leaves then he starts with me I cant even relax in my own place he keeps on calling it like you need to be on stand by for his calls the whole time, I have noticed that my fiancé have the same manners as the daddy and is not willing to change so I think im leaving it is unacceptable towards me and my child

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From your own words, I can fully support your decision to leave and make a life for yourself. If your 'fiance' is the father of your child, then get a lawyer who will support your legal rights to custody. If everything is done above board, legally, and the father's rights are considered during the split, then you go, and be free!

One caution: The rights of the child must also be considered. With visitation, will the child be put right back in that environment, but without you there? Depending on visitation schedules ordered by the court, it could be a day, overnight, every other week, or longer summer vacations.

Nevertheless, don't stay stuck. Find a solution.

Find a safe place you can afford. Is your child's father paying child support? Make that happen if it isn't. Prepare to leave, but don't announce that until everything is in place.

I think you are making the right decision. Why would you want to live with a man so tied to his parents that he won't/can't support you? Why would you live somewhere you can't be yourself and entertain your own friends? Why would you subject your child to this controlling behavior?

Sounds like this living arrangement has opened your eyes. Prepare to leave. And then leave!

Get up and go. Hope you can afford to.

If your fiancé is not willing to support you then you really need to get out. It is only going to get worse. Think of your child, make the break now.

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