My mother has the beginning stages of Dementia. I keep a diary of things - both good and bad - that she does so that when we have a yearly visit with the Neurologist, he can see her progression/decline.

When she turned 70 my brother and sisters and I got her a digital photo frame. She sits there and watches it daily. Since she received that her dementia seems to have, not necessarily gotten better, but she has more clarity about some things and situations and people.

At our last visit, her Doctor was extraordinarily pleased with her attitude and demeanor. He said whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

I took my computer and desk down from my bedroom and put it in the living room. I go onto Facebook and show her some pictures and things people she knows posts and it makes her happy. Also, silly things on youtube to entertain her.

She has gotten a little more happier and more conversational.

It does take a lot of patience. It is hard for us because she has a hard time hearing on top of everything else.

But, just remember, take a deep breath and step away. Think of little things you can do to get their attention and keep them focused. I know that as her disease progresses, it will be harder and harder, but remember to cherish every day.

If you have any other ideas to share, please do so. Thank you. :-)

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More ideas to keep them busy puzzles...maze books coloring books with pictures....hope its good info

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