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Pennz, I came across this caregiver question/your answer from back in September.

"Q: I have been at the court of protection in the UK 2 years and I just want to take my dad home. Any advice?"
"A: I totally agree with you ,my dads social worker has not helped him in anyway, they seem to have some kind of unlawfull racket going on,(in it for making money out of them and taking what they can get there hands on)Even solicitors struggle for any kind of leniency. I need someone to fight for my elder parent also. They will try any trick in the book to keep them in a home.I was told that they take all Human Rights ans older peoples rights away from them. They won't let me speak to them now only 2hrs. I have been trying for3yrs now. Good luck and i do hope you succeed to get your loved one home."

Pennz, are you referring to your Dad in your answer above? And now there is zero allowance to speak to your Dad compared to 2 hours prior? What happened between Sept and now?

Pennz, you need to give us more info if you expect an answer. Who are “they”? Where is Dad? Home or in a nursing home?

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