Don't believe me well move to my county in NYS. This morning I had a visit from a FNP. Apparently there is a new program from Medicare administerd by BCBS, through which we have our supplemental health insurance. To qualify you need to have multiple co-morbidities and have needed extensive care in the past 6 - 12 months. Once enrolled which took about a hour in my home and included multiple health and medication questions plus checking my vital signs, a monthly visit is provided by a FNP or a nurse all coordinated with my PCG. When a problem arrises such as a fall or if you suspect an infection or maybe need a speedy referral to a specialist the FNP or nurse will come to the home to assess the situation and the FNP can prescribe any needed prescriptions. This service is available 24/7 AT NO CHARGE NOT EVEN A CO-PAY!!!!!!!! Medicare provides this service to be able to save money on Dr. visits trips to the ER or hospitalization. It is completely voluntary to sign up but what I have seen so far looks very good and helpful. The staff closely co-ordinate with the PCG and will send you for further treatment if needed. They can also do mobile x-rays and bloos draws right at home. It seems to be a fairly new program so have no idea where it maybe available.

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Veronica, do you know what this program is called? We have Medigap coverage through BCBSM, so Dad might be eligible. He does have multiple co-morbidities. I would think that hospitalization, rehab and home care, as well as being 99 and counting would qualify him.

The description sounds a lot like Palliative Care, which our pulmonary doctor told us would be appropriate, and that she could script for it.

Any other info you can share?

I'm glad you've discovered a service so helpful. Sounds like a good holiday present!

(I almost wish I had multiple co-morbidities; I'm dreading just going outside now that the single and below zero digit wind chills are moving in.)


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