“Is it wrong to hope someone dies”....posted in March.

End of my rope...

I hate my siblings....

Etc, etc, etc

Not one of you are wrong.

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Needed that. Thanks.


You are very welcome. Sounds like Alexa is coming in handy! 😊

Perfect comments, thank you.

Have Alexa playing that for me right now!!


I am so sorry. That certainly stinks. Hugs.

I am reminded of the fabulous blues songs by one of my favorite artists, ‘Nobody Knows You When You’re Down and Out.’ I have been a fan of Eric Clapton since I was a kid. It’s on his Unplugged album. It’s a great song and oh so true, right?

With some people as long as we are ‘giving’ we are great! Let us ‘need’ something and people forget about us. Those are not real friends or at least not mature adults.

You do not deserve that kind of treatment and unfortunately these days it’s common. Don’t take their treatment of you personally because people like that would mistreat anyone like that. It’s on them.

Sometimes we hear people say things like, “When my husband died and I was lonely I was looked at as the third wheel by my best friends and people that I looked at as only acquaintances came forward to help. I would have never expected that because we weren’t even close.” So I guess what I am saying is life is full of surprises. Isn’t it?

You have a right to say it is the worst year of your life. You saw the ‘true colors’ of people that you thought were sincere.

Don’t lose faith or hope in others. Yeah, easier said than done. There are many good people in this world.

As for those who let you down, just wait until they get in a predicament of sorts. Then they will see how they failed you. Maybe even apologize. I hope so. Let them go through a challenging situation and they will surely see that life isn’t always easy.

You have been incredibly strong and I admire you for that but you aren’t weak for expressing your feelings, your anguish and fear. My God! How could you not experience any of that at times? This isn’t a sprained ankle. It’s cancer.

I remember my sweet MIL saying when she was going through her battle with lymphoma telling me that her mother was treating her as if it was nothing more than a sprained ankle. She told me that she was baffled and angry by her reaction. Yeah, she had a right to be pissed off! Her mom was totally obvious to the suffering of her only child! That’s sad.

Hate to say it though, some people never see their flaws. What is it? Selfish perhaps. ignorance, who really knows, for some a personality disorder? I got tired of figuring people out a long time ago. We aren’t mind readers.

All of us have been surprised by others actions.

We care, MidKid. On the forum you have a special place in our hearts. I know it’s a small consolation compared to having ‘real life’ friends but I hope we can bring you some comfort.

You’re going to pull through this. Takes time. You get to decide what you value in others. If these people are causing you grief, do not feel badly about not reconnecting with them afterwards if you choose not to. Sometimes things can’t be resolved. It’s nice when it can be but isn’t always possible.

We are left with hurt feelings and confusion. Then we come to terms with acceptance because we truly don’t have the power to change anyone else. Personally, I am not interested in changing anyone. If something doesn’t come from a person’s heart, what good is it?

Yep, you are spot on.

Although I don't 'hate' anybody, this year sure has brought me a ton of pain and sorrow. Lost 3 'good' friends...due to..what? I don't know.

I just wanna crawl in my bed for about 6 months. 2019 has been the worst year of my life, that's for sure.

Thank goodness for this 'safe space' where I can vent and rage to the moon and back and nobody tells me I am stupid for having 'feelings'.

Amen, says this atheist.

Thanks. 💗

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