It's been more than a year since my grandma tried to hire people to murder my husband and I. It's been 8 glorious months since she moved away.

I love my Grandma...I loved who I thought she was. This stupid disease brings out their inner monster...what's worse is when you find out the monster was there all along they just had everyone convinced it wasn't.

It's a long story of aggressive uncles and threats of violence. No matter what proof I provided that my Grandma's claims of us standing outside her window harassing her, breaking into her house, or stealing her property were not only unfounded but evidence of a disease, it was never enough. Sixteen gigabytes of evidence submitted in a lawsuit was still not enough. Their ultimate goal, more money.
They were angry I said there might be something wrong with her. Angry enough to try to steal my home from me. The heart condition I had said I thought might be the problem (I didn't dare suggest dementia) manifested itself the day before mediation in a stroke followed by a pacemaker because, get this, her heart couldn't maintain a rhythm. But I was a "monster" for suggesting my 90yr old grandma might be sick. They sued me for it.
In the lawsuit she claimed our contract was illegitimate because she didn't know the man who wrote it. So I proved she had known him for 20yrs and that she had hired him because we didn't know him at the time. He testified to it. My uncles knew Grandma and this man knew each other but my increasingly violent uncles continued to insist nothing was wrong with her because afterall she needed more money from our agreement.
She claimed we weren't fulfilling our agreement to maintain the property she lived on while standing in front of the lawnmower to prevent us from mowing.
Prior to this mess she was happy. Happy with her great-grandbabies who, following a particularly memorable headache she began calling "little freaks and weirdos!". She started screaming at them for imaginary holes in the lawn. They quickly feared her and avoided her altogether which led to accusations of me turning the children against her.

She told long winded stories of my husband and I being desperate with no ability to pay our bills and nowhere to go in order to explain us purchasing her home. Each one I disproved with third party records. She told my uncles, which they still believe regardless of evidence, that she supported us so I proved we were paying all her bills. Each piece of her story I disproved with hard evidence only to be met with a change to the story.
Her naturepathic doctor (who has a phd and there is simply no excuse) insisted she didn't have dementia because of a 10 minute verbal test despite failing the same test before and non-existent vitamin D levels. Then he prescribes Valium for her anxiety that only starts at sunset. Moron.

Fast forward 3 yrs, 2 of which were buried in legal fees and evidence collections. We bought her out of our contract. My uncles moved my now 92yr old grandma into a townhome in the middle of town to live ALONE. They don't visit. The only company and care she gets now is from her brother who is 90 this yr and his daughters on occasion. One of which works for a local chapter for dementia patients.
Now my Aunt is complaining to my uncle that "There must be something wrong with your mom. She's saying I did things I didn't do!" Most recently Grandma was convinced that a 14yr distant cousin was my 39yr sister, they have the same name. And when given a picture of that cousin and my grandma, Grandma didn't recognize her own face.
I have had to wash my hands of the whole thing and get back to raising my kids who have suffered enough at the hands of greedy uncles. BUT there is a special place in hell for people that do something like this for money. They obviously didn't do it for her.

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Lordy, I hope you kept notes and are well on your way to writing the next great American Novel. I am more and more seeing novels with the detective an elderly woman, with a P.I. Woman with COPD and an O2 tank (read Celine). You sure do have the material. Go for it.

My Lord, your story could be one of those depressing ‘victim of the week’ movies. I am so sorry that you went through this nightmare. Glad it’s behind you.

So very happy for you and your family that this is finally over.

Great big warm hug!

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