3 yrs ago I was trying to do it all by myself.. Then my Mom ended up in rehab for 2 mths after a terrible uti.. Everyone at hospital and rehab kept asking me if she had any home health coming in.. I had no idea what they were talking about..

Well they set her up with a case worker from our local Area of Aging and she has someone coming in 3 mornings a week for shower help... They also told me to call Senior center to get her involved in Day Support Program.. Which they recently started paying 5 days a week 9-3

Fast forward to today.. I recently got her on a Medicare home support waiver (MA it's Masshealth).. She now has Medicaid standard which covers all prescriptions, incontinence diapers and bed pads, Walker..

Icing on the cake is I just received a call from a different home care agency and she will be getting 2 hrs on Saturday and Sunday for bath and home health..

Just make the call to Area of Agency they will guide you through what is available..

You'll be so much happier and most important less stressed!!

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assandache7, that is good news that you are getting much needed help for your Mom :)

I think so many of us just don't know where to turn to get help, or that even help exists. I know I was clueless when I first started. I never even heard of a Council on Aging [or whatever it is called in other areas]. I knew no one who was a caregiver thus had no references. My family doctor was of little help. And I never even thought to ask my parent's own doctor.

Now a days in my local newspaper, The Washington Post, at least once a week there is a long article on different points of caregiving. But unless one is in the trenches, they probably wouldn't even glance at the article.... [sigh]

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