Once through anticipatory grief, as you watch them disappear to those disease spectrum. Again, when they pass. It's a grief bomb. Dealing with now. Don't have the answers wrapped up in a bow, but this much I do know. For everyone out there currently dealing with, or has, man do I ever know.

And the grief is a process individual to each. Don't let anyone hurry you through it. This is my first week back at work, my mom died June 4th. This week has felt like a month long.

Small steps. That's all we can do. Anyone having hard time eating, like me, I recommend BOOST drinks. Chocolate pretty darn good. High protein, high vitamin. You have to keep your protein up.

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Thank you so much, appreciate all your input. ..

I am so sorry for your loss of your mother! Definitely don't let others define your grief process. Our daughter died March 14 & my husband has dementia & doesn't understand why I am still crying. For him it is as if nothing happened. Great idea about drinking Boost! Most days, just thinking about cooking exhausts & nauseates me.

I'm sorry for your loss, I'm going through the first part of losing my mother to dementia too. Her body has also given way to being bedridden. I do know it will be hard once she's passed, but she won't be in the pain, confusion, and foggy state she's in. I don't know how I'll handle it actually after she's gone, but stay strong. Life continues and this is a part of life. Your handling your nutrition in a good way, and small steps are the answer.

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