Just heard from my mother for the first time since we went to see her at Christmas. She told me the reason her speech was slurring was because she fell before we got there. Said her spine was bleeding a little and her knee was bruised, but she didn't tell any staff because she doesn't want a report filed or to be checked out. My wife thinks she may be making this up, as it is hard to know when she's telling the truth or making things up.

She went on to tell me how I was her everything, and how she wanted me on her side. She wants me to go back to court and be her guardian again so I can get her out of there. She promises to go home (house is already empty and for sale), and will go to whatever doctors I want her to. Says she will die if she has to stay there another week and the food is horrible, although she's gained weight. I'm convinced that those scammers have taught her how to be a scammer and she is trying to play on my sympathies to get what she wants. I had thought about going for another visit next week, but if she's just going to continue to pester me about getting out/phone etc., I'll just stay home. I hate this disease!

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Thank you so much! Your words are very helpful. I get no enjoyment from visiting with my mother with constant complaints about wanting her phone, how the food is horrible, they won't give her wifi (because of scammers) and wanting me to go back to court so she can get out. She is not getting out ever (her house is for sale and empty now).

worriedinCali - it is both the disease and the scammers, a combination. She has Frontal Lobe Dementia and Delusional Disorder, so a big part is the disease, but the scammer "Freddie" that she thinks is in love with her, taught her how to go into banks and make them feel sorry for you so that they would give you loans.

How do you that this is because of scammers and not the disease?

Don't fall for her manipulation, she is trying to con you. They all whine and complain and food is one of their biggies. My step-father and his wife complain about the food too, in both the places they have been in...they wanted to move next move is to the Happy Hunting Ground. This will not happen, they are in a 5* place, the food will not be any better at another one.

Back off on the visits and phone calls, you are just her complaint department.

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