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As a newbie, I agree that it's hard to find what you're looking for in old threads. Some of them are tens of thousands of comments long. I am sure they have helpful information in them, but I don't have it in me to read through everything, not knowing where I'm going to find what I need, and with mom distracting me every ten minutes. Plus some of the threads were originally began years ago, and then I don't feel like I can ask questions or participate in the original discussion. It's kind of overwhelming....and to be honest I'm already overwhelmed with caregiving responsibilities.  And I am starting to get a sore shoulder and neck from being on the computer so much.  I can read a few pages of a thread, from the newest comment and backwards, but that's about all I can manage.

I am new to this site. I belong to other sites (different topics) and the questions of searching for answers in old threads, instead of asking a new question comes up regularly. I agree that there maybe an answer hidden in on old thread, but when some have hundreds if not thousands of replies, it is daunting to tackle reading through them.

Also having our voice heard is very important, especially if we do not feel we are being heard by our families, medical professionals etc. Having a safe place to vent without fear of judgement can be the one thing that keeps us on an even keel.

I went through a personal situation that is incredibly uncommon and there were no support groups available to me. Not having a circle of people who have been through a similar situation made it many times harder than it would have been if there was someone I could talk to who had been there. Even my counsellor, who is incredible, had not come across a similar situation.

I am lucky here, I am not involved in hands on care of either parent, neither needs it yet. My mother is not resistant to going into a nursing home if she needs more care (she is 83). She knows which one she wants to go to. My Dad (88) is mostly my brother's problem as far as care goes. Dad lives part time in my db's home. But by reading the posts here I have an idea of what we may be in for down the line.

Countrymouse put up a good point. Yes some of these threads are years old. I haven't posted in over a year. However, and this is just my opinion, I appreciated having those old posts. It was kind of like a refresher coarse. And new people do show up.I wish there was a way to let new people not be dismayed by old posts as those threads may have info they really need at the start of or during their caregiving journey. I read things I had forgot,was reassured I wasn't alone(very important to me),found somethings I didn't know, I find the old threads useful.Sometimes it does seem like we rehash the sames themes over and over, I call that venting. This forum has helped me vent many times and kept me from running out into traffic.It was a place I could go in real time and just get it all out before my head exploded even though what I was venting about had pretty much been said before.So what.That is the purpose of venting.For example, old threads about sibling problems help me when I start thinking again that my situation would be so much better if I just wasn't an only child.I get to reading about sibling situations and it helps me get my situation in much better prospective, the grass ain't always greener on the other side.

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