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Mom and Dad's assisted living flooded last night after a sprinkler line froze and burst in the ceiling out in the hallway. Thirty rooms with 2 inches of water in the floor. Two below zero last night in WV!

Luckily my BIL and nephew had just walked in the door. They got folks to the lobby, found dry socks and stayed with them for about 4 hours as the flood fighter crews cleaned up the mess. Mom seemed to take it all in stride but Dad was a mess, continually going out to get his car. My 16 year old nephew has become the "Grandpa Whisperer”. He was great with Dad all night wrangling and diverting him.

AND THEN........

About 1am the night nurse noticed that mom was turned around in her bed, head at the foot of the bed, and Dad was sitting on the bed with her. Mom had a bad cut above her eye. Both were confused about what happened. She thought at first Dad might have hit mom but looking at the cut it appeared she had fallen and hit the metal bed frame or something very solid. We’ll probably never know.

So off to local er, they found that she had a fracture around her eye so now off to big city hospital for full exam. RE told me she was comfortable, in no pain and resting.

Dad will be a mess but AL staff doesn’t seem worried. Nurse said if he gets really bad they could put him in memory care unit temporarily.

Have know idea where this is all heading but I could be heading south soon.


My goodness, Windyridge. What a night. Prayers for your parents and whole family. That's an ordeal for anyone to endure. It sounds like your parents are in good hands though. Be careful if you hit the roads. It is brutally cold in the south. (It's been in the teens and twenties here for days. (NC) It's 23 degrees here now. And, they are predicting snow in some parts.)
Oh Windy. Oh for heaven's sake. I hope you will come out of this just impressed at how incredibly tough your parents are! - but you have had the kind of night that makes you wonder what on earth is coming next...
Wow - what an awful night!! I hope your Mom recovers quickly and that there is a loooong stretch of calm afterwards.
Thanks guys. Got a call from nice doc in uptown ER. CT scan was good, no brain bleed or other problems. He said he would admit her for more testing, nuero stuff etc if I wanted him to. We decided to not put her through anything more and get her back to her AL place where she’ll be cared for and comfortable, instead of subjecting her to more tests and a nuthouse/busy hospital. 

I don’t see her recovering much from this episode. She gets weaker and more confused after each fall.
I am so sorry that you, your family, and all of us, really, have to go through this.
Oh Windy my thoughts and prayers are with you all.. its never easy.
Windy, good thoughts to you and your parents. Just imagine if this had happened at home...
Again, thanks to all. Ya know, when this stuff comes down you tend to feel like your the only one in the world going through it, but I know better. My woes are so common to all of us.

Mom is back at AL getting good nursing and care. This has knocked her down another notch.  Very confused but not in much pain.  The staff are great about keeping me in the loop. Remember I’m 600 miles away buried in snow.

Dad even had a good day I’m told. First day in 2 weeks he hasn’t tried to escape and find his car.
Windy....jeez....awful night but thankfully.....#1. Mom's back at AL and comfortable.....not in hospital or rehab where my otherwise healthy Mom contracted horrible illnesses. Worst places for extended stay by elderly and frail. #2. Dad's calmed down....and OK......#3. Thank God you found this great AL with caring, competent people who communicate with you.....know well the despair and frustration of the long-distance CG.....
Thanks for the updates......thinking of you and your hope you don't have another long, long drive ahead.....and that this most unfortunate situation will resolve without you onsite...... and, especially, that your Mom and Dad will recover and adjust to living in the AL......

Actually, I wish you my good luck with my Mom:  she too, was knocked back by every bad fall, surgery, hospitalization and day, fairly early in the last rehab visit she said to me:"I'm  ready to get out of here."   Me:  "What do you mean, Mom?".....Mom:  " know....this impersonal, institutionalized living."    I was taken aback:  OTOH, I was thrilled she was so aware and lucid and communicative.....OTOH:  I was shocked and dismayed by the very same thing:  that she could see, understand and anticipate this as her future.  That's when I was so lucky to find the greatest and last AL.....Mom loved it.....I kept waiting for "I'm ready to get out of here".....or "I want to go home".....never, yes, I wish this for you, too, Windy....

Best thoughts to you and your parents!
Thanks Mina. Yes, I think my mom is following the classic pattern of continued falls with each one bringing her closer to the end. I had a nice talk with her nurse at the AL after mom got settled back in after the ER adventure. She said mom was pretty out of it, thought she’d just gotten back from church camp, but was not agitated and joking a little.

So we’ll go with church camp if that makes her happy. Still going back and forth about making the long trip to check on her. Wife says I’m just being silly, nothing I can do there anyway. But my old hardass persona has faded a little. I just keep thinking about these poor confused guys trying to adjust.

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