Every day I experience so much guilt. I thought I was doing the right thing, now I am feeling major guilt for my daughter and granddaughter, I feel guilty about not being able to do this 100% on my own, etc, and I do realize that this is not my doing. She did not wish to have Alzheimer's and I didn't wish for my own medical issues. Just venting, no question, but I know that we are virtually in the same crap boat! And I do so appreciate a listening ear!

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I know what is right and should be done. I wanted to give my daughter a shot at care taking for financial reasons, on both her and her family's part, and on my mil's part. I'm disrupting my daughter's life, her family's life, etc. And because of everything else going on...stuck between a rock and a hard place. I just feel awful; about how I feel. I know someone is going through rougher, but like my neurologist said to me, your own problems matter more than others problems, or something like that.

Lost, in one of your posts you asked how long it takes to get used to caregiving. It sounds like you still haven’t. Refresh my memory. Are your daughter and grand-daughter now helping to care for MIL?

In a calm moment, ask yourself if this is truly the way you want to live out your life. Be honest with yourself and don’t consider anyone’s opinions but your own. You’ve said your husband “has things to do”. Well, that’s just great, but I’m certain that someone in answer to one of your posts has said that dear hubs needs to man up. Your guy has dropped the ball. Right on your foot. Put on your big girl pants and if you feel it is, say to him “Enough!” You have to speak up for yourself. No one else will.

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