The food we eat the water we drink and air we breath it's all killing us. And there's nothing we can do to change not while we live in USA .


But in addition to this is tv the commercials and other programs are conditioning us to believe cancer and other illnesses are possible to get creating this doubt this belief in a subliminally way with a dash of stress which is easily created. That another whole topic that is killing us too.

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Simple fact—none of us is getting out of this world alive


I think some, or even perhaps quite a lot of people would find life much less frightening if they stayed off the internet and avoided t.v.

I don't even disagree, though I might point out that at least in the USA you have the land space to process rainwater, put up solar panels and run a small holding without having to go through planning applications.

But then again, Tom Lehrer wrote a song on this subject - don't drink the water and don't breathe the air - what, forty years ago? More like fifty? And we're still here to tell the tale and complain about it, which has got to tell you something.

Today's banner headline: "Soot found in placenta of London mothers." The article begins "Soot particles have been discovered in the placentas of pregnant women* for the first time, leading scientists to warn that pollution may directly harm unborn babies." It rattles on for another eleven paragraphs which I shall spare you.

But as far as I can tell, the reason soot has been found in this most intimate organ for the first time is not necessarily that there's so much more soot around as that no one has thought of looking for it there before. Or, perhaps, thought of asking newly delivered mothers if they would mind handing over their placentas for this piece of research, instead of having it served fried for breakfast or whatever the fashionable sets do with them these days.

* I'd be fascinated to learn who else the journalist believes have placentas.

Poor old world. We do give it a bit of a kicking. More bicycles, everyone! - though I'm sure I'm about to be told that bicycles are major contributors to global warming because of all the CO2 unfit elderly women like me produce when they're puffing uphill...

You need to stop stressing. You will drive yoursef crazy. Chill out.

Oh Please! People are living longer than ever. How long do you want people to live? Forever? What killed all our ancestors?

And other thing, you haven't been to any third world country, haven't you? You don't know what water and air people there drink and breath, do you? Complaining about USA? Try living in one of those places then come back here and see what clean is.