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I am a grandmother today to a son that wants nothing to do with me or my ex his father. or anyone for that matter.

Isa Beth K.

how do I cope.
this is so sad
they live within 10 miles

I am counting on you.

I thought I let go. I guess as a loving mother, you never let go of your adult children.

My other 26 year old. loves me to death, (son), said he is that way with the entire world.

The world owes him.

i tried to congratulate him. he has blocked me and his father and the world from his life.

How do I get through today, besides one day at a time.


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God I must be a wreck.

I am now a executive house manager after the dog bite.

Isia Beth K.
12 17 2014
36 hour labor
7 lbs 2 oz
20 inches


And yes, I gave him all the clothes and then some, with a single "thank you mom" remember, he initiated an email to me.

thanks to all of you.

I have 15 5 star ratings on my profile for caring and loving of people. I was advised years ago to create my family from my caregiving. That is very dangerous as you all know.

i am not housecleaning (executive house manager) for a family, hired as an employee.

I was on November 9th bit terrible by a dog at a clients house. That has turned into a lawsuit. Overall I am a very happy woman. I just have a thorn of a son, that I thought I let go, I guess not.

People say parenthood will change him.

God Bless to you all.

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