“The best long-term care insurance in our country is a conscientious daughter.”

I wish they had mentioned the alarming statistic that the elder often outlives the caregiver.

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Thank you for sharing this link with us. Isn't it the truth, no matter where you live in the world that so many women become the caregivers for their parents. Its ingrained in so much of the culture. Trying to get some balance is very hard. What about burnout? Resentment and anger? Is this how people want to spend their golden years as well caring for an elder? There is so much to consider.

We have a similar problem in Canada. I think most people who haven't had first hand experience assume that since we have universal healthcare it covers all their needs, but in my province government sponsored homecare provides a maximum of 60 hours a month, and that maximum is almost exclusively reserved for those in the final few weeks of life. You can't get in to long term care unless you meet the criteria, and then your preferred homes may have wait lists that exceed a year. Assisted living is 100% self pay, so those who need more help than homecare will give and are not eligible or are waiting for space in long term care must come up with the money for AL (often difficult since 2/3 of us do not have private pension plans and according to the globe and mail the average CPP payment for men last year was $7,626 while the average for women was $5,922, plus in Ontario Old Age Security payments to a maximum of $6,839) or rely on their family to fill the gaps.

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