in the last few days ive recieved 4 scathing emails from youngest sis ( 56 ). i told her twice that im perfectly at peace and there was just no animosity in my heart. finally i wrote and apologised for things i may not have dealt with well. in return she sent an apology of her own and explained that shes just hurting. her and mom just never got along well. the moral of my story is ; be patient when somebody is messing with you. i didnt come out of this caregiving for a dying mother without learning a thing or two.
im not suggesting being weak. i had a customer today refusing to pay my price altho the job was well started. i started loading equiptment on the truck. the bluff was over, he so you can be sweet and a mass of iron at the same time..

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Captain that's great you two have apologized.. I hope you can quickly move passed all the negativity and remember the good times your family shared...

I also hope I can learn from my own advice!
"Never ruin an apology with an excuse"~Ben Franklin

Being you bore the brunt of the work you are a really big man to be the first to apologize. Dr Phil often says in family disputes, that they need a hero.
I can really relate to this. My sis was my hero.
Cheers to you Captain Hero!

Good for you. I'm glad you have not lost a sister as well as your mother.

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