My mom is now place in a memory care unit. They have her on a lot of medicine that is keeping her calm for now. She wants to come home but I have explained the best I can that she needs a doctor's care 24 hours a day to keep her from going out again with her hallucinations. She doesn't remember anything that happened for 3 weeks. If you have read any of my prior comments you will see my mom was in bad shape when we finally landed in the emergency room. All of you on here I want to thank you for helping me stay sane....Hugs and love to all, I will continue to give updates on my mom.

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Belle, it’s good to hear that your mom is now in a safe place and getting the help and care she needs. Now is the time for you to take care of yourself. Be well! Sending hugs!

freqflyer: Yes mom has been tested repeatedly for UTI infection. This is the second facility she has been in as the first one came from going to jail. My mom had a drinking problem for 14 years. Both times she was diagnosed with moderate to serve dementia with hallucinations. The official diagnosis is Dementia with behavior problems. I picked her up from jail on September 11, 2017. My own children abandon me, because they could not accept what was happening to there grandma. But I thought maybe it was just the jail and being confined that brought it all on. So I picked her up like a good daughter who do to make sure it just wasn't from being in jail. Now I know. Still coming to terms with it. But at least I know she is safe and better off.
I just wanted to thank people like you because no one in my family has ever had this disease. Her symptoms came fast and I was not prepared. I almost felt like hurting my own self before finding this site. I just want people to know how much they helped me. I gave the social worker who helped me get a place that would even take my mom about this site. I told him what a life saver it had been for me. Again thanks! I pray for all of you everyday.

Belle, that is good that your Mom is now living in a Memory Care unit, and that she has calmed down.  Has Mom been tested for an Urinary Tract Infection?  Since that type of infection can cause all types of problems including hallucinations.

Use as many "theraputic fibs" as you can to keep Mom at that Memory Care. Tell her her home is being painted, or the street is torn up, or a pipe burst and it will take awhile to get everything cleaned up.

Hope everything will work well for her and for you. Yes, keep us updated.

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