Thanks to and its members.


i appreciate this support group. even though every one has a different story, you all know what i am going through and how difficult it is to be a caregiver.

i know by taking on the responsibility of caring for gma it wouldn't be easy. i expected my life to change(again) and i knew at times things would get so overwhelming that i would want to just give up but i can't and i won't.

i love my gma. i promised her i would be with her until her time is up and i know without me, she'd be all alone.

thank you everyone......

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thanks glad. i'd really appreciate any help in finding an actual caregiver support group any where in or near palm springs area. i have picked up several flyers from IHSS office that states caregiver meetings are held once a month but every time i have called to "register" i am given a different number to call, then another before calling another number that is no longer in service.

thank you captain for the kind words. gma does have dementia and with today's incident i hope my family will now recognize it and accept the fact that it's not just me "over-reacting" because i have not been able to get them to understand how serious gma's dementia is.
and to glad....i have been trying to find ANY caregiver support groups in or near my area for over a year but have yet to find one.
thanks again

nurses clearly have a hard job being around decline and death but the home carer has a lifelong attachment to the patient and recieves the bulk of the emotional trauma , heartache, and loss. not an easy road . add in dementia and there isnt even a road. your hellin it across uncharted territory with garbled and ever changing instructions.

Our stories are so different, but many of the same forces at play. I too, appreciate this site and am thankful to all of those other caregivers that understand what we all go through. I also attend a caregiver support group, but they only meet once a month. Why is that?! Thank goodness I have this site to vent if I need to, or get input on issues I am dealing with.

you sound determined and i think youll do a wonderful job. then i think youll be rightfully proud of yourself. if your grandmother gets bad enough it may become too much for 1 or even 2 people in a home care setting. dont feel like a failure if her last weeks or days have to be spent in a facility with round the clock care. most elder americans would prefer to die in their home but only about 30 % actually do.

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