I was unsure and debated to join the AgingCare forum for many reasons of whether being embarrassed, how will others think of me or just from being guilty & more. Dealing with my mother and trying to get her to move out has been difficult in every way and feels like I have this big heavy cloud over me. Am 40 years old and my family needs to come first and my peace. I find myself in a difficult place.

Joining AgingCare Forum has helped me vent, relieve frustration and get the experts tips who have been through this similar situation.

Thank you ! to Geatn777, cxmoody, cwillie and AnnReid and a few others for their tips, items that did not come to mind and shared next step by step to find a living place for my mother and making it happen. Most of all much thanks to each of their support and positive words. God bless them.

I will try this get through this and not wait longer. Next is to contact living housing and low rent apartments for her to live, make an appointment and arrange for my mother to sign the paperwork to move in. Then coordinate to have all her personal belongings moved with her.

Please if anyone knows of low cost rent places let me know and getting more advice from experts , people who have been through journey - any other Tips ?
God Bless you .

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I might call rental agents in various apartments that you find. Perhaps, ask for the manager, each time. This person might be experienced, and could have other contacts and knowledge in the field.

Have a list of questions available. Put the answers on a spreadsheet. Answers might lead to further questions that you would like to be answered.

Then, take a look at your whole spreadsheet. Highlight answers that look promising. You may find a pattern developing. This could lead to you deciding to get your mom on wait lists at apartments that interest you.

Best wishes.

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