My aunt is a U.S. citizen and is anxious for us to go and see her. Our cousins would have see our aunt 3 to 4 times a year and as we live in england we would talk on phone and write regularly. It's just the total exclusion by our cousins. health proxy is a professor of medicine and he seems to make all the decisions and my aunt thinks this residence is short term.n I feel she has been taken out of everything she knew and people she knew. She never trusted too many people as my father was sent to England at 8 years of age and she was 5 years of age. We want what is best for our aunt and lies are not good thank you all.

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A professor of medicine would not jeopardize his career by engaging in malpractice. Once again I ask you to keep an open mind. The elderly are very good at what is called "showtiming" (look that up) on phone conversations and even doctor office visits. If at all possible ask the professor to set up a face-to-face call via Skype with auntie. Ask her questions and see how intact she is, but do not make any negative inference or suggestion. Just a cheery hello, let her know you care. See if she recognizes you. She if she remembers your last visit. It may be an illuminating conversation.

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