Yes, my mother is diabetic.  She was in the hospital the month of February this year and they treated her bedsores. After trying to help her with rehabilitation for her legs/knees they noted her chart as an “uncooperative patient” and she was discharged.

The hospital sent home the remaining tube of medicine for the bedsores, which works, but we cannot get a refill without rx from a Dr. At this point she can’t walk and won’t stand up etc and refuses a mobile Dr. to come to house. I will do as many of you suggest and contact authorities to speak with her about the bedsores and make sure it’s all documented that I/we are trying to get her help and not neglecting her. Thank you!

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A very good idea. If APS is contacted they can monitor the situation. I would avoid POA if I were you. To be frank this is a difficult duty with a very cooperative patient; and it's impossible with one who is non-compliant and difficult.

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