I just want to thank everyone here. I have felt really alone with Mom. My other siblings either do not care or want to argue about every move I make, so I cannot rely on them at all. This is truly a blessing, somewhere to talk to a lean on others that are actually going through the same situations, not advice out of a book. And I am sure I am not alone in the fact that the thought that I could end up just like my Mom scares the living daylights out of me. But it has at lease pushed me to go ahead and do Wills, life insurance and a POA well in advance. So thank you again one and all, Wishing you all the most blessed of days today.

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This is an amazing place, I am menopausal on top of everything with mom and my emotions with my "sister" get the best of me. I hate fighting with people, I just want a calm existence without the hassle, but I will not let her take advantage of Mom's dementia. I suppose maybe I should tell her that I have been on Mom's accounts for a few months to there is not way in Hades she will ever get her hands on her money, she would probably just walk away then LOL

I've been here over three years. I have no family and, having moved 200km to care for my mother in 2009, have no friends in this area. This forum has been such a godsend for me as I've been totally alone except for my beloved dogs. My mother, close to 90 and in a NH, now doesn't know me and refuses to even sip liquids. I suspect she will pass very shortly. Thank you everyone for always being here for me. You will never know how much it has meant. ♥

Thank you for recognizing how truly wonderful it is to have a quiet place with kind friends that care and understand the pain and frustration of working through this frightening disease. My deceased grandfather had alzheimers and my mother is now in a locked unit with alzheimers. I just had my husband diagnosed with alzheimers and after falling at work, surgery, losing great job, it has been very trying. I so appreciate kindness and i have become very aware of the power of a gentle word in this busy world. Thanks for being there.

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