I only admitted I needed help about 2 years ago. So then I went through all the whooha of letting officials know. We then applied for a grant. Which took a few months and lots of hoops to jump through. We then had to raise some of the money. So we sold stuff, and went without other stuff.

We now have a stair lift and a wet room.

It was a very difficult 8 days (without an upstairs toilet) I was having to get up and go downstairs to the outside toilet.

Luckily we had saved for this one about 2 years ago and one of our sons and a friend, installed it for us in the small shed (brick built)

All is up and running. Yippee.

I am addicted to the shower. hahaha

and the stair lift too.

I recommend trying to every one. We should be able to stay here until we pop off now. Fantastic.

So thank you for all the support I have had here. You are angels.


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Oh sweet Buzzybee, Awesome news. I am so very happy for you! Enjoy to your heart's content.

That is wonderful news!

I am so happy for you. Wet room, sweet!

cwillie Thank you

It was suggested by my OcHealth nurse and the All singing all dancing Geberit toilet lol. I am still learning how to use that one. Hahaha
Hubby loves the wet room part. I will try and teach him the rest slowly. :)

Wow, a wet room, I'm impressed. I'm glad for you😃

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