Thank you for the kind surprised that was on my doorstep when I arrived home from work today. It has been some time since I've posted on these boards. Since I last posted to these boards, I was in the process of moving my mom and dad into assisted living after having one heck of a time with mom. Dad's dementia got worse, and the last three years have been unreal.

This last year my dad declined rapidly and very unexpectedly and diagnosed with blood cancer that was never previously detected. He passed away in May this year. It was a devastating loss and more so because I am left with handling a narcissistic mother who just wants to lay on the couch and die.

So I have been away from these boards for some time and it was so nice to be appreciated with the sweet token. As a caregiver, and especially the daughter of a narcissistic mother, my heart goes out to those who struggle. It is not an easy task and some are gifted to provide the care, others like myself are meant to place my loved ones in the care of angels.

Each of us must find a different path in how to provide for our loved ones, but never feel guilty for what you have to do. Complain for emotional release, but not from the duty or obligation you have. Learn from each extreme circumstance because all that you learned in life from your parents are going to be a reflection in the caregiving your provide (positive or negative).

(((((((((((((Everyone))))))))))))))) Have a Merry CHRIST-mas and a blessed and peaceful New Year!

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Your welcome and you deserve it! Happy Holidays!

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