I just want to thank the members here for their advice & support while I was caring for my mum. You don't realise how much your input helped me, not only regarding my mum but also for reminding me that I too am person.

Sadly, mum deteriorated quite rapidly over the past few months & was.hospitalised. The doctors would only discharge her if she went to residential care. I had no option.

Fortunately, I found a.lovely place, with wonderful staff and great food. And my mum is thriving.

I.found so much solace here when I was at my wits end and struggling to cope. I just want to shower you all with gratitude and love.

If you are struggling & not coping, please don't bottle it up. Speak out. Tell someone. It doesn't matter if you're rambling or feel you're not making sense. Someone will make sense of it - because we have all.lived it. We're all a.chapter in the same story. There for each other until The End.

Gratitude. Hope. Love x

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Goldi, you are still a caregiver, just a different sort. We are all here to help each other. Happy we were able to help.

You are welcome. I love a happy ending.

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