I thought I was alone in how I felt about taking care of my mom. I am her caregiver 24/7. I am stuck in the house all day and barely get to go anywhere. I was feeling smothered. But now I see how others deal with the same problems I have with my mom. It lets me know I am not alone in this and has given me a totally different outlook on taking care of her. I love her even more.

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My mom tells me daily how much she loves me. She asks me every day, about 25 times a day, if I love her. Yes, momma, I love you, I say. I was getting really tired of it but then remembered a prayer I had said to God after my divorce. Please God, give me someone that will tell me everyday, how much they love me.

Welcome! Isn't it nice to have a site where we can actually say what we are feeling? The people here are great. Someone said it best in another thread -- we have two sides, the caregiving side and the human side. It is so nice to have a place to show our human side.

i know! i do homecare for one resident and she doesnt go out at all! so my life is her life, tons of questions about where im goin? with who? whats that and can feel smothered

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