My Atty told me there is a bill waiting to be signed in DC to extend the look back to 10 years!

.. He said it doesn't have much wording to it and really needs to include other issues about existing applicants..

He highly doubts the president will sign it because there's no way they want to offer a $10,000 deduction.....

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The 10 year look back is for allowing a 10 year review by CMS for providers.It's an auditing of improper payments (like Stark Law issues). I bet that this passes -it's HB 63000. Almost all Stark are pretty lengthily so having 10 years to show a pattern and prove fraud is a good thing.

The bigger issues with 63000 imho is:
- the home equity exemption changed proposal. If it goes to 200K then a huge # of folks will be excluded from Medicaid.
- the asset transfer penalty start date moved from date of transfer to date of Medicaid application. The whole transfer penalty formula is loco to figure out now so I can't even imagine what this is going to do for value of asset issues.

really you have to be pro-active in planning for both your parents & yourself!!

It is a sign of the times Medicaid assumes we are all trying to hide money-now it is 5 yrs. and will probably go up to at least 7 in the near future. We have to plan ahead for ourselves and our parents-elders do not want to deal with it but if they don't the state gets the money. See an elder lawyer and at least get the house into a trust. We never know when our time here on earth is up-no one was upset because they planned ahead.

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