She will say a woman came into her room last night and told her to be quite, she was to loud, or some boy comes into her room at night to check on her. We are with her full-time and sleep in room with her.

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I don't correct my mother-in-law anymore when she tells me the weirdest things. As long as she's not talking about someone trying to kill her, I just say 'really? hmmm' and let it go. Even if I did correct her, she'd NEVER remember what I said, so forget it.

My suggestion is no, don't try to convince her she is may have her checked for a UTI or other physical problems first, has she just started this ? I always say go to their world, if she has no physical issues causing this, then just keep reasuring her she is safe with you...S sees birds where there aren't any... maybe he needs new glasses, and mistakes shapes for birds... sometimes if someone is waving on the TV he waves back... so we have no way of really knowing what is going on and what they see or hear...
More information would help us to help you, but many will reply about not trying to convince them what they see or hear as real... it is real to them, so if they are afraid, reassure them...

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