Technology Support!


iPads, iPhones, PCs, DVD players and Cable Remote Controls. FaceBook, email, ordering on Amazon. WiFi or cellular services, the list goes on. These issues seem to be hotter than medical complaints. I would love to hear stories about how we can manage this better. I am more afraid if the day I might need to remove their access to the Internet than I am asking for the keys to their car.

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About 10 years ago, my father got my old computer. Ever since the computer has been a focal point of many a discussion. He's come a long way from using dial-up and now has decent Internet and a laptop. At one time, I thought it was a mistake giving him my old computer but it keeps us talking. When all else fails we talk about technology. BTW he's 88 years young.

Knock on wood the only issue I have had with my parents is that my Dad [94] is still on dial-up and he can't understand why he can't get on the Internet. I try to explain to him that with dial-up, in a huge populated metro area, is like trying to pedal a tricycle onto the on-ramp of a high speed highway with everyone else going 400 mph, you would have trouble getting on and keeping up speed.

It is sad because my Dad use to write code and create his own software going back decades ago, but technology was moving too fast for him to keep up :(

I don't even keep up with technology. I am happy as a clam with my desk top computer and my basic cellphone :) I have no need to learn what the Kadashians are doing while I am waiting in the grocery line.

Yes, it is great for their brain. But things do go wrong with their devices. We have had a few things ordered online by accident and things like that. Daily multiple calls asking how to do things like load pictures on Facebook are never timely. I am proud of them for wanting to do these things in their 80's. But when they were caretakers for their parents, technology was not an issue. A true catch 22.

Good question, promise8. It would be like removing someone's right or left arm taking away all the techno toys, or like you said taking away the keys.

Of course, if one is stuck in a rehab center with just 4 walls to stare at, and you could care less what Dr. Phil is going to talk about on TV today, the internet is good to help keep one's brain active :)

It's my understanding that today's family can't gather round the dining room table without their phones. Guess they must text to each other :P

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