Council tax exemption for caregivers in UK.

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I’m really not sure where to post this, as it’s advice for caregivers in the UK, I understand that most of the people on this forum are in the US, and I have to say I really appreciate the advice that you all take time to give. I found out recently that my Mum may be exempt from paying council tax as she has what the council classify as severe mental impairment but she still lives alone. I completed the appropriate form and gave it to her doctor to confirm. The doctor backdated it to 2011. Today I received a cheque for her, refunding her council tax since 2011 which amounted to over £9,500. I just want to get the word out there as I’m sure there are many people who are unaware of this exemption.


Angela, I'm in the US and don't really understand what a council tax is, but I think that's a pretty progressive approach to take for seniors with challenges.

Is council tax something like a local property tax, based on the assessed value of property?
Hi GardenArtist, yes it’s a local tax that is paid to the council for refuse collection, roads, street lighting, schools, water and sewerage. It is based on the value of the property you live in.
I should probably add that I am in Scotland but I assume the rest of the UK has the same exemption.

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