Telephone con-artist on the phone yesterday at my client's house!!
He said" I'm oldest grandson want to speak to my grandma".
I replied to him "Are you Jason?"
he said "Yes I am and I'm in Mexico", so I did hand to phone to my client.... OMG, he is asking wire money to him.... My client told him " your aunt take care of my bank" Mean awhile I called her daughter, so she contact her nephew who he is not in Mexico.... said "hello to MiMi" , Con artist told her he will call her back, sure he did, I told him "you are not Jason!!" He hanged up the phone..... Good thing con man didn't know my client nickname is "MiMi"!!!! All her grandstands call her MiMi.

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I told my client(91 years old) that he was not your grandson, but she was so concerns and wants to help him. I stopped talking about this issue with her, after couple of hours later She never mention about it. So now on someone calls I will not answer the phone screen show unknown on it.... My client doesn't want to answer the phone anymore about over 6 month..

I have looked for a checklist about what is okay and what is not okay to reveal on the phone. It would be great if I could just say, "If someone is asking for these things on the phone, don't give it to them. Instead, take down their contact info and ask to call them back: Social Security Number, date of birth, credit card number, email address, bank account info, etc."

The things above are common sense but con artists are getting very clever and using available data with seemingly insignificant data to find your weakspots. I'd love to see a simple, clear, and updated list of threatening info. Anyone know where I can find that?

I agree there is a target. It isn't just from con-men, it is also shady but "honest" companies that solicit on the telephone. Our parents can get on call lists that have pretty detailed information about them physically. The lack of privacy in the US is terrible. How do people get information that elders have back problems or diabetes? The companies calling can be very specific about services provided. The service are always "free," meaning they target Medicare.

It seems solicitors target people over 80 more. Is it because they know they'll be home and more easily confused? I bet these companies curse the family caregiver, since they are often the ones that put an end to the shady deal. For myself, I wonder how these people feel no shame for what they do. If they felt shame, they would quit.

I am so glad that you weeded Jason out -- the shameless con. Someone like that could have emptied her bank account and felt no remorse.

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