Taking my own advice.


I have many times suggested (or liked a post that suggested) people check out their senior centers for activities for their seniors. I now belong to a book discussion club at my senior center. (That makes 3 I belong to -- 38 books a year to discuss!). And today I joined a few ladies for lunch at a local restaurant. They meet monthly, at different places. When I walked in to attend the book club there were 2 tables set up with folks playing cards. I couldn't see what a third table was doing -- crafts, I think. So I'll say it again: If you are looking for activities for your elder, look into what is available at your community's senior center.

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Excellent advice! My dad has a great seniors center about 2 miles from him. He will only go to lunch on occasion and won’t give any of the many activities a chance. We encouraged until he refuses to hear it any longer. I’m glad others are open to it. I’ve had lunch with him there a few times and found it great.

Jeanne, your post has reminded me how much I love to read and discuss literature. It's time to find a few new book clubs. I was a member of the Jane Austen Society for a few years - excellent experience.

Mother's only outlet is the Sr. Center right by her home. She goes to Bingo and sometimes eats lunch there. She keeps trying to get me to go, and someday, I might. But now, at age 61, I don't "need" the companionship, crafts, whatever. I'm glad that mother has something to look forward to. She no longer reads or does crochet work--time hangs heavy on her hands. Just puzzles and TV.

Wish my MIL would take advantage of the one by her, but she's so introverted, she has exactly the same number of friends she had 30 years ago: one.

Jeanne--good for you! It's hard to push into new things. But I could do 3 bookclubs!!

Jeanne, thanks for the reminder on the varied activities at senior centers. I've gone to book club meetings at libraries but never at senior centers. Thanks for sharing your experience.

jeanne- I am glad you have taken your own advice. Your advice is usually sound and has helped so many people on here.
So Heeding your own advice will probably be very beneficial to you.
And hope others will also seek out what is offered at their senior centers. Hope you have fun.