Taking care of mom all alone after total knee replacement I've been taking care of her alone my whole life I also worked with hospice care giving for my GMA for yes before she passed yes mom has some major medical issues but I know most of time lately she's playing it I have medical background and been thru it with my GMA concerned about Alzheimer's and dementia my GMA and great uncle had it and it really hurts to watch her starting to do the same behaviors as my GMA did hiding money sleeping with her purse under her head she talks to u sometimes and ur looking at her likeWHAT? Then u get accused of being crazy cuz she thought it made sense I've never taken anything from her in my entire life now my daughter that's a different story if she wants or needs it she will take it doesn't matter from who I finally called my aunt and uncle told them what was up they told my mom not to let her in the house anymore she did needless to say my daughters blaming me for her getting excommunicated and it was a wicked battle I'm tired of the unjustified e r trips drove 2 hrs home this morning because she needed to go to an e r in another town I'm exhausted the medical care where we live isn't the best but my knee replacement isn't going well may never walk right again today she wasn't feeling well I'm also a certified pharmacy tech first it was gas gave her the solution then it changed to no its acid gave her a solution no then she knew she was busted and got mad told her I AM NOT TAKING U TO THE E R I know its not a heart attack I know its nothing that needs an e r visit but GOD I think she's trying to kill me first she is very very good at playing the perpetual victim been that way all my life but I'm so tired of struggling and fighting to get my leg to work everyday and then have to struggle to take care of her luv her more than life itself would give my life for hers but why is she doing this

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Hold your ground. Take your phone off the hook when you go to bed tonight, because I can almost guarantee she will announce her imminent death around 3 AM. She can call 911.

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