Taking care of Mom.


I have been leaving with my Mom for 3 years I didn't no I was going to be her only caregiver. My sister and brother live right nest door I didn't vist much in the past because my Mom only lived for her and never did visit me or have time for me I am 59 years old and finally know my Mom wants and needs me She was very well off but she had some seizures 3 years ago so my Half sister was made power of Attorney I get paid 300.00 a week plus 200.00 for groceries But I didn't know I was going to be the only one to take care of Mom It is really starting to brother me I have no time for me or my family I don't know what to do My Mom has dementia and copd I know she will die of a broken heart because dhe cries a lot I could go on and on But I am so hurt What can I do I dint want Mom to think I don't care but sometimes I think she would be better off in a nurseing home at least she would have company

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Tell the sister who has POA that you don't want to be caregiver anymore... With her help find care for your Mom... Make sure you give her a deadline!!!!!

Yes she is on meds I have talked to them they don't speak to each other all over what one got and the other didn't I am stuck in the middle ???

I'm not sure where your hurt lies. Is it that mom is declining? Or that your brother and sister don't help out? Can you have a meeting with your siblings and tell them that it's not working out and mom needs more help than you can give her? Either they can pitch in or you need to get your mom into a memory care unit for patients with Alzheimers. Is she on any medications now for her crying? Does she see a doctor regularly?