One- Ohio switched from the waiver to Passport program. Passport doesn't pay me enough to continue to miss work for doctor appointments, feeding, cleaning, prescription pickup etc. Two - a pension buy out that I was not aware of has been sent to me for my sister. It is 20,000 before tax. Can I legally except this and pay for funeral, clothing, housing, food etc.? She is on Medicare/Medicaid. I have made numerous calls and cannot get a straight answer. I'm in Ohio. Thanks

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Linda, if you're not getting straight (or perhaps consistent) answers, you might try to get someone at the local congressional level involved. These congresspeople and senators should be aware of issues that help their constituents.

You might also try calling the county or state to see if there's a specific agency that helps the disabled or seniors....not the Medicaid or Passport issues but one which addresses people in need more generally.

Wish I could offer more suggestions but this is all I can think of now.

Lindalou52, I would be concerned that the pension buy out might cause your sister to have too much income to stay on Medicaid care in-home program called Passport. If your sister takes the pension buy out, I would think that Medicaid would allow you to pay down the amount for the cost of care for your sister. Of course, you would need to contact Ohio's Medicaid office to verify that.... keep calling until you find someone who can give you a solid answer.

With all States having their own rules, regulations, and programs, it is hard for us here on this website to keep track. Programs are always changing depending on State budgets.

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