Currently she lives in Texas was sharing a home with a cousin who is now in a nursing home. Mom is 77 and has been disabled for many years. Still pretty independent, she has had a few strokes and a heart attack. She has severe environmental allergies and has had difficulties in apartment living due to the allergies. My 2nd home is perfect for her, but as I said, I will lose about $500 per month because Mom can't afford to pay that much. I can't have her live in my main home as it is too remote and just a bungalow; not to mention we would likely strangle one another.
I work full time, but am having medical problems that are projected to shorten my career, so I don't have disposable income.
Are there tax breaks for reducing the rent on the property so that Mom can live in my 2nd home? Can I claim her as a dependent? Her only means of income is through government disability, not sure if she also receives social security. In any case, her income is low. There are low income housing options, but again, Mom has had so many difficulties with rental properties and her allergies, being older and a little less tolerant of others, etc. She really needs to be in a single family home, which makes the 2nd house an ideal situation. Just not sure that I can take a financial hit like that with my own financial responsibilities. My other living siblings are not in a position to assist in any way.

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This is a heart-wrenching challenge, isn't it? Mother needs a single-family home, but she cannot afford to rent one. You have a rental property that would be ideal for her needs, but you cannot afford to give up the rental income.

If you are not sure what her income is, how can you be sure what she can afford to pay for housing? Are you basing it on what she paid to live with her cousin? If she got help with some of her other expenses, could she afford a little more for housing? Food stamps, meals on wheels, reduced cost health care, etc. are worth looking into.

What about assets? Does she own anything she has been saving for her old age? I'd say now is the time to cash it in.

If giving up $6,000 a year for Mom meant taking only one cruise vacation per year instead of your usual two, I'd be inclined to urge you to make the sacrifice. But that is clearly not the case. Mom may need housing help for another 15 to 20 years. $90,000 to $120,000 to contribute to her needs would put your own future independence at risk, especially in light of a possibly shortened earning capacity.

I suggest that you call social services in your county and explore any benefits your mother might be eligible for.

I hope others will have creative suggestions for you.

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