A little over two months ago, my mother was hospitalized for 'dangerously low' Electrolyte levels, they kept her for four days, and she could not remember anything. I had asked one of the Nurses what the memory loss was from, and she said since her levels were so low, the memory loss was common. Sh also stated that my mother was having Alcohol withdraws, and that could be another factor for her memory. And her memory would return when her levels were up. Well, here we are, over 2 months later and it seems like her memory is getting worse. She can remember things that happened 20 years ago, but cannot recall things that happened 5 minutes ago. She is paranoid, thinking people (including her doctor) are being mean to her. She will not take a shower, unless I force her to, thinking that she already taken a shower for the day. She complains about her skin being itchy and her feet hurt all the time. Could these symptoms she's having point to Alcohol Dementia? I have taken her to her Doctor, and he has never once mentioned Alcohol Dementia to me. I just can't figure out how to help her, and I am wondering what type of Doctor she should be seeing.

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GIve the doctor a heads-up about what you are observing at home, before the appointment.

No, he has never mentioned anything about Dementia. She seen him about a month ago and he gave her a memory test. It was them showing her a few pictures and asking her if she remembered what they were, which she did.
Thank you for your answer. I am going to look into switching doctor's as soon as I can

Has her doctor mentioned dementia to you at all? Has she seen this doctor in the last 2 months?

If you are considering switching doctors, I recommend a geriatrician for primary care. Then ask that doctor if a referral to a neurologist is appropriate.

What you describe is consistent with dementia.

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