My father recently moved in with us. When he was on his own he was out of wack. Sleeping all day, up at night. not eating right hearing things and seeing things ect.... So when he moved in I made sure he stayed awake durning the day, (I also take him everywhere with me. Shopping, groceries,gym ect...) except for a one hour nap about 2-3pm . Most days he doesnt even sleep. And He now sits in the sun every chance he has.(He always kept his curtain drawn at his home. Dark and drearwy) My home is open bright and airy. I even purchased a lamp that gives off full spectrum light to use on cloudy days...The light is resets his clock... And then just before bedtime I give him one 5mg melatonin.....He has NOT gotten up at nite for 3 months. And he has a clearer mind. He is on prozac (anixety/depression) and ramapril - blood pressure. I check'd with Doc before adding Melatonin. ps We have also learned not to discuss heavy issues with him any longer. (very hard to do as he has always been our first line of defence for problem solving when we needed it.) If he starts worring, and obsessing he would take a nose dive and start crying...walking and talking odd. It is like the worrying took all his blood supply up and directed it to one area of his brain, and the other part of his brian could no longer function. I am so glad there is no pain with this disease. However, The indignaty is the pits.....We do laugh alot at the silly things. It is sort of comical when you think about it.

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