Just a heads up to all caregivers to be on the alert for the dreaded summer cold!

At the end of June/beginning of July I was lucky enough to be able to attend a series of musical events up in the big city. It was great, and a wonderful break from caregiving. But, after four days up in the highest reaches of the balcony, the nosebleed section, cheek to jowl with eager music lovers from all over the state, country and globe, touching water station spigots here and there, clutching at handrails and seat rests all over the place, etc, etc... I caught a cold!

I'm feeling better now and popping out now to get more cough syrup and cough drops but I heartily recommend all caregivers check their stores now and make sure you have:

Face masks, gloves, and hand sanitizer
Tylenol for low-grade fever, chills; cough syrup and cough drops
Broth packets, herbal tea
Kleenex and laundered handkerchiefs at the ready

Best wishes for good health to all!

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SnoopyLove, thanks for the good tips. It is so hard to not get catch a cold this time of the year. One sneeze from a bystander can latch onto one of us if that person has a cold.

I use Cold-Ezzez if I find myself with a sore throat in the morning. That cough drop really does work, but it can make food taste weird if one eats right after using one :P

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